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9th-term Democrat from Missouri.
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Sen. Claire McCaskill
Rep. William Lacy Clay
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February 25, 2013

 Assault Weapons Ban: (Not for it)

Dear US Government I am not for the 2013 "assault" weapons ban. More gun control will limit what the law abiding citizens will have and will lead onto higher gun deaths because the people(victim) will have a higher disadvantage in survival than the criminal. Law abiding citizens won't have "assault" weapons(or most the guns on the market because the laws in the "assault" ban basically restricts almost everything) but the criminals will because of course... they don't follow the law. Besides these "assault" weapons are only used in 1% of the crimes in America. Statistically more gun control states and even countries like England have less gun deaths but an increase in violence because no one can defend themselves. Also no one is going to have a double barrel shotgun in this day of age to defend themselves this isn't the wild west.

St. Louis , MO