Representative Ed Royce (R-CA 39th)
13th-term Republican from California.
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Fullerton, CA Feinstein, you do not support our Constitutional rights.
Fullerton, CA Do ALL democrats hate the United States???
Fullerton, CA Senate Democrats’ budget includes nearly $1 trillion in new taxes
Fullerton, CA STOP Wasting My Tax Dollars!!!
Fullerton, CA Sen. Dianne Feinstein Says ‘It’s Legal to Hunt Humans’
Fullerton, CA Comment About feinstein
Fullerton, CA I Want To Swap Feinstein & Boxer For Senator Rand Paul
Fullerton, CA TSA Allowed at Least 11 Airport Employees With Criminal Backgrounds To Receive Security Badges
Fullerton, CA Upcoming Vacation on Martha's Vineyard for obamas
Fullerton, CA No Money For White House Tours
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