Attorney General Mike DeWine (R-OH)
2nd-term Republican from Ohio.
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Letters To Leaders
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Gahanna, OH NC Illegal Alien Kills two American in Drunken, Traffic, Wreak
Gahanna, OH Ordinance targets Covington, KY, Illegal Alien rapes 9 yr old girl
Gahanna, OH Illeagal ( previously deported ) pleads guilty to killing American
Gahanna, OH Illegal immigration is a growing problem in the United States - No Pathway
Beavercreek, OH Take Their Troop Surge In Iraq And SHOVE IT
Kent, OH Tinnitus research
Gahanna, OH Increase Homeland Security enforcement of Immigration Laws
Gahanna, OH Our Trade Agreements Rob Middle Class Americans of Jobs & Wages
Gahanna, OH Illegal alien gets 30 yrs of jail time, for rape of 9 yr old girl
Gahanna, OH Mex. officials have NOT explained why their soldiers crossed border
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